Optislim, Australia's leading weight loss brand, will feature on the front of Victory's home shirt in the Hyundai A-League 2016/17 season. Optislim is a subsidiary of Optipharm, a privately-owned Australian company currently in its 21st year of operation, which markets several brands in health and beauty. Optislim is recognised as an Australian category leader of very low calorie diet programs, with a range consisting of shakes, soups, bars and meals, available exclusively through Chemist Warehouse.

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Freestyle Foods is an integrated manufacturer of gluten free and dairy free products on a national basis. Freestyle Foods' logo will feature on the front of Victory’s away shirt for the 2017/18 Hyundai A-League season. Freestyle Foods' bakery produces a variety of breads being 99% fat free with no artificial preservatives, and gluten free pizzas baked in a state of the art facility in Melbourne.




AGL is one of Australia's leading integrated energy companies and largest ASX-listed owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation in the country. Drawing on over 175 years of experience, AGL operates retail and merchant energy businesses, power generation assets and an upstream gas portfolio. AGL has one of Australia's largest retail energy and dual-fuel customer bases. AGL has a diverse power generation portfolio including base, peaking and intermediate generation plants, spread across traditional thermal generation as well as renewable sources including hydro, wind, landfill gas and biomass. AGL is taking action toward creating a sustainable energy future for our investors, communities and customers.

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Victoria's occupational health and safety regulator, WorkSafe assist to avoid workplace injuries occurring. WorkSafe Victoria enforce occupational health and safety laws, provide reasonably priced workplace injury insurance for employers, help injured workers back into the workforce, and manage the workers' compensation scheme by ensuring the prompt delivery of appropriate services and adopting prudent financial practices.

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TAC develops campaigns that increase awareness of issues, change behavior and ultimately reduce the incidence of road trauma. Over the past twelve years, the Victorian road toll has almost halved. The TAC covers transport accidents directly caused by the driving of a car, motorcycle, bus, train or tram, and pays benefits to those injured.

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adidas is part of the world of sports on every level, delivering state-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories. Today, adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry and offers a broad portfolio of products.

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KFC was the first Australian quick service restaurant and for over 40 years has been serving fresh, top quality food every week. KFC proudly serves great tasting food to over two million customers per week. KFC is proud to be a part of a number of programs that help improve not only your summer enjoyment, but the wider community as well.

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The brand name "La Ionica" has grown to become synonymous with quality and a healthy lifestyle throughout Australia. La Ionica chickens are different; the air chilling method ensures that all La Ionica chickens are processed 100 per cent without the use of chemicals.

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TCL was founded in 1981 in China and has grown to be the third largest manufacturer of panels in the world. 2016 marks TCL’s 35th year as one of the world's leading consumer electronics manufacturers. TCL has a presence in 78 countries all around the world and employs over 75,000 people. TCL Australia was founded in 2004 and has now grown to be one of the most successful television brands in Australia.

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Checkpoint Building Surveyors have been providing high-level building consultancy to its customers for over a decade. Checkpoint prides itself on delivering innovative and cost effective design solutions that meet client's needs and objectives. With over 30 years of experience within the industry, the group at Checkpoint Building Surveyors offer their customers forward-thinking answers coupled with innovative building solutions.

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Mirabella is a 100% Australian-owned company providing lighting products and globes to Australians. As a leader in the lighting industry, they're committed to using forward-thinking technology to produce energy-efficient products that help lower carbon emissions.

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For generations homeowners, trade professionals, architects and specifiers have relied on products from Dulux. Dulux is a manufacturer and marketer of products that protect, maintain and enhance the spaces and places in which we live and work. Dulux has always been committed to understanding the needs of its end users and as a result has developed market-leading positions in a wide range of building and home improvement categories.

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Dodoni was founded in 1963, initially for residents in Northern Greece, and is now one of the leading producers of Greek dairy products in Australia, with the group’s famous Feta easily found on the shelves of most major supermarkets.

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Barry Plant is Victoria’s most successful real estate network – a position they achieved by focussing on professionalism, ethics, expertise and an absolute dedication to providing all their clients with excellence at every level. With almost 80 offices across Victoria, they sell more homes than any other real estate group. Barry Plant also manages nearly 35,000 investment properties for Victorian landlords.

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Melbourne Victory is proud to partner with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. The foundation works with community and sports clubs to minimise and, where possible, prevent harm from gambling in Victoria. A key avenue for achieving this is through the foundation’s Strategic Partnerships Program whereby elite sporting clubs like Melbourne Victory sign the Responsible Gambling Charter and commit to not accepting any revenue from sports betting operators. The partnership program aims to reduce the acceptance of gambling in sport and in other social settings, and decrease the exposure of sports fans, members and the general community to sports betting promotion. The foundation's campaign Love the Game, Not the Odds also helps to remind Victorians to love what's great about the game, without betting.

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Delphi Bank offers a wide range of banking services to customers from 15 branches across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. It’s our goal to make it easy for you to manage your money by providing competitive rates, products and services, and convenient access to your funds. When we say that we’re here to help you, we mean business.

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Visy is a global leader in the packaging, paper and resource recovery industries, providing high quality, innovative and sustainable packaging products and solutions. Visy have been leading packaging innovation in Australia for over 60 years.

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The Herald Sun provides Victorians with the best in news, sport, opinion and analysis. Our extensive football coverage from our team of experts including David Davutovic, Tom Smithies and Marco Monteverde cover the world game like no other, from the A-League, to the EPL, the Bundesliga, Serie A and much more. Plus our team of award-winning sports photographers capture every moment of the beautiful game. At the Herald Sun. we're for football.

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Central Home Loans are committed to finding you the best possible loan that meets your requirements to assist you in achieving your long-term financial goals. to find out more visit website or by calling Central Home Loans on 1800 882 951


LeasePlan is a financial services company focused on fleet management. The company revolutionised the industry with its Open Calculation approach, has since grown to become the world-leading provider of fleet management services and is now active in 30 countries. Whatever your challenges, fleet size or future plans, they will provide the solution that best supports your business.

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Bluestar Global Logistics' extensive global reach combined with the provisional services and affiliations with industry leaders, makes BGL your choice international freight facilitator. At BGL service provision has been designed around their expert knowledge and industry demands. As a result, BGL have modern and comprehensive service options for all our customers, raising the bar of performance and efficient to new heights.

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From humble beginnings in 1934, Tobin Brothers has grown to become one of Australia's largest and most respected family-owned funeral companies. The highly trained and committed team at Tobin Brothers Funerals ensure that every aspect of their work is handled in a professional and caring way by providing specialist services to families from a variety of ethnic communities.

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R & A Concreting was founded in 1990. As a family-owned and operated business for over 23 years, R & A Concreting has a proud history of being a leading provider of high-quality concrete work to a range of clients at a fair price. R & A Concreting Pty has continued to grow under the management of Aaron Henwood since 2002. Today, 20 experienced staff are employed who specialise in providing professional concreting services to local builders and home owners.


Fletcher's Foods are a company based out of Moorabbin in Victoria's South East. The team at Fletcher's Foods use local and imported ingredients when manufacturing their products and distribute their wide range of condiments across Australia and internationally.


A perfect way to add flavour to every meal, Hoyts offers a wide variety of premium herbs, spices and pickled vegetables. Hoyts Herbs and Spices are available at all major and independent supermarkets and their handy refill packaging ensures there should always be Hoyts on hand to help spice up your kitchen.


Zaparas Lawyers are personal injury experts in WorkCover, TAC, Public Liability, Superannuation and Asbestos related claims. Zaparas Lawyers believe in a society where all individuals have appropriate redress when they suffer an injury.

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Kuga Electrical is an expert Electrical Company providing services to all Residential and Commercial customers. With over 10 years of experience, Kuga Electrical has developed a highly-experienced team of professionals that ensure all customer expectations are exceeded.

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At Van Heusen, we believe that clothes make the man. We are the No.1 selling business shirt brand in department stores across Australia and we have been associated with stylish, high quality business apparel since creating our first garment in 1881.

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Coca-Cola has chosen to build on its connection with Melbourne Victory through its sports drink Powerade. Powerade is Australia's leading sports drink and is used throughout all elite and grassroots codes to assist in sports hydration leadership and innovation.

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Bounce creates 100% natural (and scrumptious!) energy snacks and shakes. The Bounce philosophy is based on the belief that good physical health and nutrition is the cornerstone of a full and vibrant life. That's why Bounce products are clean nutrition, using high-quality ingredients, without the use of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Premier Sock Tape is a forward-thinking brand that specialises in designing and producing technical niche sporting accessories for the conscientious sports player.


Radio Warehouse are passionate about successful team communication. As Australia's premier online two-way radio dealer, we tailor the latest in commercial, enterprise and government-grade, two-way radio and wearable wireless communication systems to help your organisation achieve your communication goals. Your Mission is Our Passion.

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BLACKROLL® Australia, professional fascia training tools and exercises for faster recovery and improved performance. The connective tissue (fascia) plays an important role in our body, connecting muscles, organs, bones, nerves etc. and holding them in place. Healthy fascia means good performance and fast recovery. Self myofascial release (SMR) and functional training are effective fascia training methods and BLACKROLL® provide the best tools for it.

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Ice is useful for reducing pain and inflammation associated with an acute injury. Utilising real ice, ICE20 Ice Wraps stay colder longer than traditional gel packs and won't get you wet. Because of ICE20’s mobility and stability, you have a convenient way to ice and stay active if need be. Compression of an injury helps to reduce the swelling and provides support. ICE20 Ice Wraps are made specifically for each individual body part, assuring ensuring they provide total compression to the affected area.

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Sports Education and Development Australia (SEDA) was established as a provider of senior secondary education and training in partnership with schools. Schools and SEDA have responded to the needs of many young people through a program that engages them in their study, motivates them to challenge themselves and improves their skills.

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