How to kick a football: adidas tips

Kicking a football is a fundamental skill that can be deceptively complex. Thanks to adidas, Leigh Broxham talks about how you can learn to kick a football like a pro.


There are several ways you can kick a football. Whether it be a simple pass, a chip, lofted pass, shot on goal or cross from a wide area. This can be achieved by using several different parts of the foot and a different approach to the ball.

Your technique will enable you to achieve greater accuracy, power and speed to your passing, crossing and shooting. The only way to improve your technique is practice!


Once you know the type of kick you wish to achieve, focus your eyes on the ball. This will help with making a greater connection with the ball. The best footballers in the world know where the ball is going before they receive it. If you prepare early, with a quick glance to where you want the ball to go, you can then focus on performing the right technique to achieve the desired outcome.

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