Melbourne Victory Panna Cage

Melbourne Victory has teamed up with organisers of the new football craze Panna Football!

A 'Panna' is where you play the ball through your opponents legs and retrieve the other side, it means 'Tunnel' in Dutch/ Surinamese.

Panna is being billed as football's version of 20/20 cricket as it's fast, fun, technical & exciting to play, has an electric atmosphere with thumping music beats and crazy fans and finally it provides dramatic entertainment for the spectators as the game is never over, as it offers two ways to win a game scoring the most goals or making a panna.

Melbourne Victory have teamed up with Trickstar Football to offer the unique opportunity to learn some one-on-one skills, test them out in the Panna Cage and win some amazing Melbourne Victory Prizes, including tickets to MVFC home games.