NYL fixture released for 2017/2018

Melbourne Victory’s National Youth League fixture has been released for the summer, highlighted by being part of a double header at Etihad Stadium.

The NYL side will take on Adelaide on December 8 at Etihad Stadium at 5:00pm, before the A-League side does the same later that evening.

Victory will play each of Brisbane Roar, City, Adelaide and Perth home and away, with the season starting away at Roar on November 26.

NYL 2017/2018 squad

Aaron Anderson, Benjamin Carrigan, Callum Goulding, Nicholas Hatzigeorgiou, Stephen Hatzikourtis, Thierry Iradukunda, Birkan Kirdar, Joshua Kelic, Brandon Lauton, Maker Maker, Brady Quinn, Yazid Said, Nuh Sehvadic, Nicholas Sette, Matthew Sutton (GK), Christian Theoharous, John Vakirtzis, Andrew Visciglio

NYL 2017/2018 fixture

Round 2 v Brisbane Roar: Sunday November 26, 11:30am AEDT, Lanham Park
Round 3 v Melbourne City: Sunday December 3, 8:00pm AEDT, CB Smith Reserve
Round 4 v Adelaide United: Friday December 8, 5:00pm AEDT, Etihad Stadium
Round 5 v Perth Glory: Sunday December 17, 1:30pm AEDT, Dorrien Gardens
Round 7 v Brisbane Roar: Sunday January 7, 4:00pm AEDT, Epping Stadium
Round 8 v Adelaide United: Saturday January 13, 11:00am AEDT, Marden Sports Complex
Round 9 v Melbourne City: Saturday January 20, 4:00pm AEDT, Epping Stadium
Round 10 v Perth Glory: Sunday January 28, 10:30am AEDT, Epping Stadium