Q&A: Ben Folami answers your questions

Melbourne Victory winger, Ben Folami answered questions from Melbourne Victory fans after Tuesday's training session Gosch's Paddock. 

Here's what the 22-year-old had to say...


_alavate_ asks: What colour are you dying your hair next?

"I'll stick with blonde for now. The inspiration is pretty simple, I just felt like doing it. I've had all blonde before and I just thought I'd chuck a patch in there and leave the rest one colour. That's what I'm going for at the moment."

James.Dimech: What are your personal aims for the season ahead? 

"Play as many games as possible and contribute as many goals as possible to the team."

Josiah_allsopp asks: Do you prefer playing as a winger or attacker?

"As a winger, 100%"

Ryanpyle_ asks: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

"No. Definitely not."

@kmf944c asks: What is the vibe like with the new players?

The vibe is good. There's a lot of experience coming in and everyone is nice."

@chickenstolen asks: Funniest teammate at Victory?

"I'd say Krusey. Robbie Kruse is a funny guy."

@Gabriel0206786 asks: If you weren't a footballer, what career would you be pursuing?

"I'd say a barber - cutting hair."

@ProfessorHutch asks: There's a lot of competition for attacking spots. How does this motivate you?

"It motivates me a lot. Having that competition and knowing you have to keep pushing yourself every game and training session is good and it can only make all of us better."

Pipidot aks: Tomato sauce in the fridge or pantry?


Alexrafoo10 asks: Messi or Ronaldo?

"Messi. Easy."

Leon_giold asks: What's your greatest footballing achievement so far?

"Probably playing in the AFC Champions League games at the start of last season. That's probably my number one."

@aussieblonk asks: How do you take you game to the next level?

"For me, getting game time is important because that's the best way to learn, by being in those high-pressure environments. Other than that it's down to extra training and working on any weaknesses."

Galemate97 asks: What's it been like under Tony Popovic so far?

"Very good. He's a very detailed coach. Every session is intense and there's a reason behind every single thing that we do."

Watch the full Q&A here.