The Victory Society with Broxie, Episode 2

The second episode of The Victory Society with Broxie, proudly presented by Tobin Brothers, has arrived.

Grant Brebner is Broxham’s guest this week, and the two reminisce about their time as teammates, the initiation process involved when players arrive at Victory, and much more.

Topics covered

2:00 – 2:50: When Brebner and Broxham first met
2:50 – 4:10: Why Brebner moved to Australia to play for Victory
4:10 – 5:50: Brebner’s initiation to Victory
5:50 – 7:10: Why Brebner, and fellow internationals, enjoy playing at Victory
7:10 – 8:20: Brebner’s opinion of Broxham as a youngster
8:20 – 9:00: Broxham being a role model for younger players
9:00 – 10:20: Brebner shares stories from Victory road trips
10:20 – 12:05: Transitioning from playing to coaching as part of Victory’s youth setup
12:45 – 13:50: Feed The Brox

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